4 Smart Ways to Cope with this Pandemic

P.S. wear a mask

Hello, we’ve survived another week!

This is mostly a links email, but also I’ve completely revamped my coaching & conversation offerings to make them work for me (no childcare) and you (got lots to talk about) at this difficult time.

Go straight to my pandemic page if you could use some philosophy in your life right now.

1. Try some Tiny Habits (for Coronavirus) mini-webinars

These free mini-webinars are from B.J. Fogg (behavioral scientist extraordinaire): tiny habits for gratitude, well-being, reducing screen time, supporting healthcare providers, etc. Sign up here.

2. Face Your Coronavirus Fear

Even if you’re an old pro at hiding from negative affect, it might catch up with you this time.

Philosophical counselor Danielle LaSusa invites us to stop throwing tinder on the flame of fear and welcome it as a kind of peak experience instead: What To Do With Coronavirus Fear

(It’s a little easier said than done, but worth a shot especially if what you’re doing now isn’t working)

3. Reinterpret What’s Happening: “That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief”

“We feel the world has changed, and it has. We know this is temporary, but it doesn’t feel that way, and we realize things will be different… The loss of normalcy; the fear of economic toll; the loss of connection. This is hitting us and we’re grieving. Collectively. We are not used to this kind of collective grief in the air.”

An interview with grief expert David Kessler on experiencing pandemic as many kinds of loss: That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief

4. Join my new guided journaling practice, Journaling for Smart People

I’m now using the paid version of this Substack newsletter to send journaling prompts each Sunday. If you write back to me in response to the prompt, I’ll respond to you!

Journaling for Smart People is like the bite-sized way to work with me. I’m hoping to help you clear a bit of headspace in tumultuous times and beyond.

It’s on sale until the end of March ($16/month) and I’ll donate $5 of your first month to my friend’s drive to buy PPE in for medical professionals in NYC.

Feel free to click reply if you have any thoughts or questions on any of the above, or feel free just to say hi - I love hearing from readers and it’d make my socially-isolated day.

Pamela J. Hobart

2020: Issue 11 of 52